Diego Puertas is a filmmaker with an independent and entrepreneurial spirit, and citizen of the word. From an early age, his natural eye for visuals, penchant for words and acute ear for sound lead him to filmmaking by putting together pieces of his favourite songs along with picture and writing. Having found a medium that combined all his artistic interests, Kiss Without Lips Productions is born out of the mist of his creative endeavours. While traveling extensively, and fuelling a passion for filmmaking, he decided to settle in Vancouver, Canada and attend art school. This gave him the opportunity to create a solid foundation for his craft, and allowed him not through just talent, but mainly hard work, to pursue a signature style, which to this day continues to develop.

His mindset of “always a student, on a journey of knowledge and practice” is a crucial platform for his labour that shows through intense experiments in genres, color, image juxtaposition, ethereal photography, sound design and deep character moods. His adamant work ethic finds him developing his strengths within his circle of influence, who guide him to synergize with a wide range of talented artists that compliment and shape his ideas. Always busy with several projects on the go, and with a steadfast view, every single step along the way is entirely focused on the activity and long-term vision of his very exciting and bright future.

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